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Understanding & In Control

Another Painful Loss

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The dimensions of deal forecasting are poorly understood by most sales people, their managers, and senior executives.
In our powerful 1-1 half day workshop, you will gain the understanding you need to avoid failure and forecast accurately.

Actionable information or your money back!

Do you know why you win?
Do you know why you lose when you do?
Does your team understand the difference?

We help you get control by:

  • benchmarking your critical deal wins & losses
  • showing you the difference
  • prescribing a course of action
  • identifying what is predictable
  • coaching on what to do about it

Starting with your Desired Outcome, and using the Insight deliverables throughout, you receive the deal coaching necessary to fully qualify, close, and profit. Learn when to walk away, or simply keep the opportunity off of the forecast.

Reward your self
by protecting your career, reputation, and pocketbook.

How would a 95% Forecast accuracy Change things?

What is a Must-Win-Deal?

Its a deal larger than the usual size, that can make or break a quarter or a year for the seller, the department, the company, the C-Suite, investors, and other stakeholders.

Every company has deals come up that they are not allowed to:

  • over invest in winning then not win
  • tell the board "the win is in"
  • deplete cash and working capital resources

Risky Gamble

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Managed Risk

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Your Choice!

Must-Win-Deal Qualities

High Value
High Visibility
High Risk
High Impact
On the Forecast


Forecast is not the same as Pipeline.

Forecast is your
committment and promise about deals that will close, for the predicted amount, by the expected date.

Marty Tascona

We Serve Success

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Reputation, Integrity, Performance

Forecast Failure leads to:
Reputation Damage
Career Progress Halt
Trust Loss
Working Capital Drain
Cash Flow Decrease
Board & Investor Confidence Loss
Morale Damage
Survival Threats

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Winning Critical Deals is a lot more than just probabilities and percentages. 
We translate the numbers into actionable activitycoaching to to move the deal forward to a successful close.

We provide Deep Insights into your Must-Win-Deal

It all starts with:

  • a powerful survey
  • 14 page deliverable
  • a full debrief of the findings
  • an examination of you process
  • a structured coaching program
  • 95%+ success rate

The Coaching Program will:

  • Provide a list of any missing or incomplete information that could negatively impact your success
  • Identify and quantify the strengths & weaknesses of your sales campaign
  • Identify any inherent risks that you may not be aware of
  • Provide a list of next-steps/action-items for you to implement to drive the deal forward to a successful close
  • Create a call plan for the next call/meeting with the prospect
  • Develop questioning skills
  • Visually track the progress of the deal through the sales process which will identify stalled and losing deals
  • Provide an audit trail of how the deal progressed through the sales process
  • Recommend how your client should forecast the deal (Commit, Upside, Do Not Forecast)

Additionally, by reviewing the analysis recommendations provided, you will be able to quickly identify sales skills and sales process issues which need to be addressed, providing you with the perfect base for additional coaching & development

What You Gain

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By forecasting well, you earn:
  • trust of your client and prospects
  • management and subordinate dependability
  • more commissions
  • better metrics, KPIs, and other performance scores
  • the right to command resources with less resistance

What You Secure

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By forecasting well, you get to keep:
  • your reputation
  • the respect you've earned
  • the autonomy you need
  • the trust of management
  • the budget necessary to pursue strategic items




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Together we select one of you most critical deals, analyst it using our AI assistance software, then debrief you on the findings.
Altogether it takes about 3 hours for the diagnostic and prescriptive discussion.

Coaching you through the deal optimizes your probability of successfully forecasting and winning he deal. It is possible the deal is unwindable, and we will advise you to walk away, showing you the reasons why you would stop investing in this deal.

We can provide a team critical deal assessment on a one time or on an ongoing basis under subscription. This service ensures that standards for deal qualification, pipeline management, and forecasting are met. Profit results, as competitiveness improves.