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Deal Assessment

Every now and you will have a deal you just have to win. It could be a large, mega-deal, it could a strategic deal or any number of things. Whatever it is, it is critical that they win this deal. We call them must-win-deals.

The 1st question is; "What is
needed to win this critical deal?"
The 2nd question is should you forecast as an absolute certainty it will close for the amount, the time, and the date
you predict.
The 3rd question is
should you walk away - know when to fold them.

These questions challenge even the best of the best in sales.

Our process starts with a comprehensive SWOT analysis of your deal, and a debrief of the findings.
That deliverable is a 12 page document that captures your
description, performs a diagnostic, leading to an outcome prediction, and the prescription needed to succeed.

Th process takes about 2 hours, followed by a 60 minute debrief of he findings. At that point a decision to proced with a coaching program can be made.

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Together we select one of you most critical deals, analyst it using our AI assistance software, then debrief you on the findings.
Altogether it takes about 3 hours for the diagnostic and prescriptive discussion.

Coaching you through the deal optimizes your probability of successfully forecasting and winning he deal. It is possible the deal is unwindable, and we will advise you to walk away, showing you the reasons why you would stop investing in this deal.

We can provide a team critical deal assessment on a one time or on an ongoing basis under subscription. This service ensures that standards for deal qualification, pipeline management, and forecasting are met. Profit results, as competitiveness improves.